Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Reflection

After one semester doing the animation of Fishing Love using Flash CS4 and adobe Premier, we managed to finish it at last with a huge satisfaction with me. I had so much fun and also had some difficulties through out the works. I'll take this course for next semester and I'm hoping to get a good time also in doing animation.

Digital Media III is the best subject that I've been taken through my life. This is the first time that I really enjoyed in doing assignment, and I have always wanted to create my own animation; plus doing my own story. I am so glad that I took this subject. I've learn so many things in Flash CS4 and Adobe Premier. Now I am really looking forward to do my own animation just for fun...:)

In my group, I am the character designer, environment designer and sound manager.

I did not have so many works actually for this animation compared to my teammate, Chunyin and Saiful. I just had lots of work at the beginning and at the ending. At the beginning, I had to design the characters, made a few designs for each character, then had to finalize it with my group mates. Same goes for environment. I had to design the background to be fit with the characters. There were lots of pressure actually in doing this part, as if my design does not satisfy our director.

Then, the progression goes on, as Chunyin and Saiful did their parts, finished all the animation. After they finished, then it's my turn again to put the sound effects and musics. Well, this is the hardest part for me. I did not sleep all night long to finish this part. It was so difficult as I had to find the suitable sounds from internet to fit in the animation. Even though the result was not so satisfied, I did put tremendous effort in this part.

I also did the animation for the Credit part, just to help Chunyin and Saiful while they were trying to finish the animation.

Overall I think this is the best subject so far in my life. I did learn so many things from this course and I really enjoyed it.

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