Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Reflection

After one semester doing the animation of Fishing Love using Flash CS4 and adobe Premier, we managed to finish it at last with a huge satisfaction with me. I had so much fun and also had some difficulties through out the works. I'll take this course for next semester and I'm hoping to get a good time also in doing animation.

Digital Media III is the best subject that I've been taken through my life. This is the first time that I really enjoyed in doing assignment, and I have always wanted to create my own animation; plus doing my own story. I am so glad that I took this subject. I've learn so many things in Flash CS4 and Adobe Premier. Now I am really looking forward to do my own animation just for fun...:)

In my group, I am the character designer, environment designer and sound manager.

I did not have so many works actually for this animation compared to my teammate, Chunyin and Saiful. I just had lots of work at the beginning and at the ending. At the beginning, I had to design the characters, made a few designs for each character, then had to finalize it with my group mates. Same goes for environment. I had to design the background to be fit with the characters. There were lots of pressure actually in doing this part, as if my design does not satisfy our director.

Then, the progression goes on, as Chunyin and Saiful did their parts, finished all the animation. After they finished, then it's my turn again to put the sound effects and musics. Well, this is the hardest part for me. I did not sleep all night long to finish this part. It was so difficult as I had to find the suitable sounds from internet to fit in the animation. Even though the result was not so satisfied, I did put tremendous effort in this part.

I also did the animation for the Credit part, just to help Chunyin and Saiful while they were trying to finish the animation.

Overall I think this is the best subject so far in my life. I did learn so many things from this course and I really enjoyed it.

It's Final! Fishing Love...

Management Team:

Director: Faiz
Supervisor: Chunyin
Producer: Chunyin, Faiz, Saiful, Saifullah

Story Team:
Original Story: Saifullah「Fishing Love」
Storyboard Supervisor: Saifullah
Storyboard: Saiful
Storyboard Assistant: Chunyin

Design Team:
Design Supervisor: Saifullah
Character Design: Saifullah
Character Design Assistant: Chunyin
Environment Design: Saifullah
Colour Design: Saifullah
Prop Design: Saiful
Layout Design: Chunyin

Artwork Team:
Art Supervisor: Saiful
Character Artwork: Saiful, Saifullah
Environment Artwork: Saifullah
Prop Artwork: Saiful
Expression Artwork: Chunyin, Saiful
Artwork Clean Up: Chunyin

Animation Team:
Animation Supervisor: Chunyin
Character Animation: Chunyin
Environment Animation: Chunyin, Saifullah
Credit Animation: Saifullah

Post-Production Team:
Post-Production Supervisor: Chunyin, Saifullah
Insert Song:
- Odoru Nagias, Inomata Yoshichika (Clannad Movie OST)
- Nakayoshi Kazaku, Inomata Yoshichika (Clannad Movie OST)
- First Step That Realizes Dream, TENMON & Eiichiro Yanagi (Ef -- a tales of memories OST)
- Toki o Kizamu Uta, Lia (Clannad ~After Story~ Opening)
Ending Song:
- Marching Band, Inomata Yoshichika (Clannad Movie OST)
Sound Effect: Saifullah
Visual Effect: Chunyin, Saiful
Video Render: Chunyin, Saifullah

Promotion Team:
Promotion Supervisor: Chunyin, Faiz, Saiful, Saifullah
Company Blog: Chunyin
Facebook Group: Chunyin, Faiz, Saiful, Saifullah
Youtube Channel: Chunyin
DVD Production: Saiful
Flash Portfolio: Chunyin

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's Time For Fishing Love!

Yeay! I finally done the audio for the animation...fuh..At first I thought it will be easy, but it is certainly not...searching for the right sound is the hardest part in doing the audio. I managed to finish it after 24 hour non-stop working..I haven't sleep until now..Later I'll go to Chunyin's apartment to give him all the files, and compile all...Then all done! :) The animation is ready for screening this Tuesday...Hopefully everything will work fine..

Now I'm going to have a bit sleep....

Friday, June 4, 2010

Finishing Love...(Chunyin, 2010)

Yeay! our animation almost finish! Thanks to Chunyin and Saiful for their totally unbelievable hard works in finishing the animation...

And now, it is my turn to finalize the animation by putting the sounds. Can't wait to show the animation to the others...:)

Btw, last night I went to Chunyin house, watching them doing the work. And I made a new background for upper sea scene. Instead of drawing the water, we decided to just use the reflection of the mountain and sky and edit it a bit to make it looks real.

so, this is the new background that I made..

Thursday, May 27, 2010

After a long break...

Not a very long break actually..just I did not do anything for the animation as I was trying to finish the other assignment for sustainable subject. And after it all done, I will start doing back the animation.

My job is to do the 'Audio' thingy for the animation. so, I couldn't do anything until they finish the animation, then I will do my part..

As Chunyin and Saiful are trying to finish the animation, I did the animation for the Credit. It's just a simple one....Haven't totally finalize it yet, have to discuss with my group first...

So far, this is the Credit that I made....

Monday, May 10, 2010

Promotional Package

For assignment 4, we have to do posters, production stills and dvd cover..
These are my works for the task..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lip Sync tutorial and Background progress...

Today's tutorial, I've learnt about the lip to do it in Flash...

It is not so hard i long as u've got the drawings for each mouth....
i did only for the first part, the words " Hello, welcome to.."


Back to the asgmnt, for the next one, we have to do posters to promote our animation...I've haven't got any idea yet for the poster layout..because i was quite busy with the background designing..
As from the previous asgmnt, we manage to get a good mark..thanks to all..:)
and for the under water background, well let say it is not quite suitable with the jetty background..because the water environment seems like it is in a 'deep sea'...

so, i've to change the drawing...
so far, these are all what i've drawn..

we decided to use the final one...
and i also did the animation for the scene in the sea..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Finish Assignment 3....

Today we had our presentation for assignment 3, Work in Progress....
well, it all went well so far... We finished our animatic, and we got a bit complain about the background animation(the bubbles, the connection between undersea and upper sea) and also about the sound..well, it's just a try..we will do better next time for the final animation..:)

This is the animatic for Fishing Love...not the real animation, just simple storyboard in motion...


And I did the background for DVD cover...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Work In Progress!

fuh....fuh... and many works to do...
I've to finalize the characters and the backgrounds, draw and finish the storyboard for the animatic..Then I've to make the Background test animation and the drawings for DVD cover...

A lots of work during the break..but still our group manage to finish all the works..Thanks to everyone in the group..:)

Well, this is the progress so far...

The finalized characters..

Danny and Becca

Male and female maggot

We try to design the human characters to look a bit ugly and funny while the maggots are beautiful, just to make the animation more interesting..:)

And now the backgrounds....

For more pictures and videos of 'Fishing Love' animation, you can visit our group blog, GRAND LINE PICTURES or our facebook group,


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Moving to Backgrounds...

After finalizing the characters, I have to design backgrounds....I haven't do much, as Saiful also the background designer, so he actually did a few already...

I just finished one...the view of the jetty...I try to make the view quite blur as to focus on the characters in the animation.

I also did the water movement animation, just for test....

testing for the water movement....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Character Design in Progress....

As a character designer, I've to start designing the characters which are Danny, the girl, and the baits. Yeah, I've to make a few designs in order to choose and finalize the best design of all...

Btwy, our group already finished the logo animation, all thanks to Chunyin who finished the animation only in 1 1/2 half hour...good job....

These are few of my designs so far.....

improvement on hat and hair..

Which one do u prefer??

Yeah..I know...the left one is definitely very sure seriously ugly.....I did what they told me to do...Lol

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some Idea for The Background

Try to design some background for the animation....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Announcement of The Grand Line Pictures!

Today was the presentation for the concept pitch. My story have been chosen in the Digital Media III top 11 awarding winning pitch. So, now I'm with the group of 4, Faiz, Saiful, Chunyin and me will develop the love comedy story of 'Fishing Love' created by me. Our group is called The Grand Line Pictures.

The Grand Line Pictures was founded by Chunyin, Faiz, Saiful and Saifullah 17th March 2010. The works of Grand Line Pictures are collaborated efforts of Faiz, Double Buzz Studio Production, Chunyin, ☆Moonlit Night Studio☆, Saiful, Yellow Heat Studio アニメーショ and Saifullah, Robowarrior Studio.

Today we had our first meeting right after the studio session. And so far, we already got our roles for the making of this animation. This is the list of the roles:

  • Director - Faiz
  • Producer - All
  • Planning - All
  • Voice actor - Pending
  • Editing - Chunyin, Faiz, Saifullah
  • Original story - Saifullah
  • Environment design - Saifullah
  • Character design - Saifullah
  • Colour design - Saifullah
  • Screen design - Chunyin
  • Envrionment artist - Saifullah
  • Character artist - Saiful
  • Expression artist - Saiful, Chunyin
  • Art supervisor - Faiz, Chunyin
  • Animation - Chunyin
  • Animation supervisor - Faiz, Saiful, Saifullah
  • Sound effect - Saifullah
  • Visual effect - Chunyin, Saiful
Now we have to finish the next assignment, Project Plan which is due on the next Wednesday.


Week 3

First session, nothing much... just consults with Josh about the Concept Pitch. and tries to finish the assignment due on Wednesday.

I tried to design my characters, finished the storyboard, and so on....

My idea for the concept pitch is making a love comedy story, which the title is 'Fishing Love'. The story is about young man who likes fishing very much. One day he decided to go fishing, and he got an idea where he's going to put a dress on the bait(maggot) as to attract more fish. Then he went to the jetty, and start fishing....But what happened was, all the fishes were laughing at the maggot instead of eating it..they found it was so funny looking the maggot in dress... After that, the maggot met another handsome maggot and they fell in love. They started to hold each other and thus Danny, the young man tough that he caught a fish. he quickly pull the rod and snap it....but he found that the bait stuck with the other young woman's bait. They looked and started to like each other...fell in love...end of the story...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 2: Learn to Walk

In this session, I've learnt how to animate walking movements. It's kind a fun...
Using a frame-by-frame method, I drew different position of legs. There are 4 important positions which are contact, down, passing and up.

The positions of the legs have to be suitable with the movements in real life. Then I've learnt about the function of F7, where it creates a blank frame which delete the previous drawing. I've really enjoyed this studio...Learn new things..

my walking animation....

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

First Week Studio...

In the first week studio, we were introduced to Flash Professional CS4. Yeah, that's what we'll be using throughout the semester in this course. In the first session, we were shown some examples of 2d animation in Youtube. That's what basically we were have to do for the assignment....

Then we learn some of the basic movement such as motion tween. And also the functions of short-key F5 and F6. So, overall that were the things that were though on the first studio session.

Then, on the second session, we were asked to create a ball and some 'pen line tools' to draw the movement where the ball's going to go. At this stage, still using the basic movement of motion tween, we convert the movement line as a guide for the ball. And also some other stuff like onion skin, ease out and in, and try to make the ball logically bounces with the changing of shapes, stretch out and in.

This is the animation that I created after the first week studio.....